How it works

Creating an estate plan is very simple and takes just an hour or two of your time.

You will meet with me to discuss the structure of your Trust, special estate planning needs, special bequests, other considerations, and to determine the price of your Trust. You will also prepare a list of your assets that are to be included in the Trust.

The Trust, and other related documents, including new deeds, are prepared, reviewed, and then delivered to you for your review, execution, and notarization. Instructions and forms are also provided so that you can instruct your banks, stockbrokers, transfer agents, and other financial agents to transfer your assets into the Living Trust.

My Services


The Price: The price of the Revocable Living Trust depends upon several factors, including the type of trust to be prepared, the complexity of the estate, and the type of planning involved. However, all new Revocable Living Trusts may include the following:

  • Your Revocable Living Trust.
  • Pour-over Will for each Client.
  • Durable Powers of Attorney for Financial and Health matters for each Client.
  • Quitclaim deed and Preliminary Ownership Report for transfer of real estate into the Trust.
  • Free continuing trust-related services for you for a period of 60 days following the execution of your trust but not exceeding one-year from the date you purchase the trust. These services include preparation of amendments to the Trust, preparation of codicils to your Wills, revising durable powers of attorneys, and updating of Trust schedules.

In order to expedite the preparation of your Revocable Living Trust, please have the following items ready during the initial appointment:

  • A list of all bank accounts, securities, bonds, mutual funds, annuity and life insurance policies, and other investments.
  • A list of all retirement accounts (IRA’s, Keogh Plans, SEP IRA’s, etc.)
  • A list of real estate holdings, a photocopy of the deed to each piece of property you own, and the Assessor’s Parcel Number for each piece of property (the Assessor’s Parcel Number will be on your county property tax bill).


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