Power of Attorney

Who's in charge when you can't be? If you should become ill or incapacitated, who takes care of your financial issues and makes medical decisions?

A Financial Power of Attorney names who can make financial decisions for you when you can't. read more

A Medical Power of Attorney names who can make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself. These are two different documents - you can have one person making medical decisions and another helping with finances. find out more

More Estate planning issues


What tax issues should you be concerned about? Are there things you can do now that will save you money in the future? find out here


Guardians for minors

What if both you and your spouse are unable to take care of your children? Who decides what's best for the children and is there a way to make sure the person you trust will take care of them? Do they have to be a family member? learn more


Charitable Giving

There are ways that you can donate to charities now and receive a income from that donation. Can those donations still save you taxes now? What are the benefits of creating a non-revocable trust? find out here

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