Verbal wishes aren't enough

Even if you've already agreed on a guardian for your children, and have made the plans known to your family, there's still more to do. Verbal communication itself isn't enough and can lead to conflict. It might also result in your wishes not being followed when it's too late. If you don't put your wishes in a legally binding written document, you're placing your children in a situation where all family members have an equal say in their guardianship. Legal documentation is specially important if you want a family friend to take care of your children, since courts almost always choose a family member over a friend.

guardians for minors

Make sure they're cared for

Don't put off making plans

Many parents hold off on making a plan because they can’t decide who should be guardian. If you don't make plans, the government has a plan for your children and it may not be what you'd like to happen. If you don't have family nearby to take in your children in case of an emergency, the state will put them into temporary foster care. Someone would then have to petition the court to be appointed the official guardian of your children. The problem is, it may be a family member that you'd don't want taking care of your kids. Don't let the difficult decision of who to become a guardian for your children stop you from making any plans at all.

Let the designated guardians know how you want your children raised

If you have specific wishes about how you'd like your children raised, make sure the appointed guardians know this. From religion to education, you can make the decisions for your children now even if you can't be there to see the plans through. The only way to make certain that your children will be raised with your values is to make them clear to the people you’ve named as guardians.

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